Uses of Transcription in Different Fields

Nowadays everyone is familiar with the term transcription; either it is audio, video or electronic transcription. Everyone is concerned with the transcription thing; it is used in almost every field of life. The students use it in many aspects it is very useful for them in studies specially, if they want any video or audio content into the electronic text they can convert in to it. There are audio and video lectures in the schools, colleges and the universities, that the students want it in the text form because they have to remember it and want to study it and so they want it in the form of text, this is now possible with the transcription, the audio transcription can be done and change the audio into the electronic text form. This was not possible earlier but not it is possible and very easy to do. As the technology is increasing day by day, now there is no difficulty in converting the audio and video files into any other format. It is pretty easy now with many software are offering the audio and video transcription in which the files are converted from audio to text and also from speech to text, many online websites are also providing these transcription services.

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Transcription is needed in every field as it is needed in offices for the office work, the business deals are done through the conferences held in other areas an there is a need of converting the videos and audio files into text format for the office work, as in the conferences the presentations are done in the video and audio format and then these files are afterwards converted into the text format for the next work. It was really difficult before because it was written and then printed and it was a tiresome job, but now it is pretty easy with the transcription services and it is time saving and a lot easier than it was previously done.The audio and video files can be converted into the Microsoft text format and it can be used anywhere.

Audio transcription is done by converting the audio into the electronic text format. The reporters of the court use it the most because they have the audio files and they want it in the text form for the office work. They have the audio files of the people that are present there in any kind of case and those audio files are presented in the text format afterwards by the reporters of the court so they need the transcription services for this very cause. Moreover, the secretaries need the transcription service as they have to describe anything in the text format, they cannot present it in the audio or video form so they need software in this regard and so the is equal to the task for them. The web designers also want the audio transcription files for their work and they can have the format they want on this very website.

Before the transcription services was introduced, it was very difficult to convert the audio and video files into the text format, it was only done by listening the audio file and then writing it on the paper and then the printing was done afterwards, it was a time taking task. Now the transcription is done in seconds and there is no need of writing the audio files and then converting it into the printed form.

The audio files are transcript in the text format and can be sent through the email and thus the written record is saved through this process. The person who is receiving the email is able to read the audio file that is converted into text format.

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