Islamic Wedding Cards: 5 Things to Take into Consideration for an Auspicious Start

So, the wedding dates are fixed? What about the invitations? Do you decide to keep it traditional and simple or go determined for the contemporary look? The Muslim wedding, or, Nikah, is the just right occasion for a grand festivity.

Well, if you are looking to select Islamic wedding invitation for your wedding, there could be a lot of choices to select from. You could either choose the regular wedding invitation styles or think about the scroll types design or the ‘’farmaan.’’   Gratefully, there are some highly proficient wedding card providers on the internet that can particularly be of help! In addition to, purchasing online would also make sure a wide range of money envelopes choices to select from. But, there should be some vital things to think about for choosing the most excellent wedding invitation card.

Aspects to Look out for a Muslim Wedding Invitations

Below mention are some vital tips that you have to take into consideration whole looking for Muslim wedding invitations:

  1. Colors

Color plays an extremely important role in Muslim wedding cards. Take into consideration your wedding theme while selecting the color of the invitation. You can also think about the option of selecting the shade accordingly to the season. For example, cool and bright colors go well in summer, while relatively warmer shades are a great choice in winter season. You can even include widely noticed colors in Islamic wedding card, like red, cream, white and golden.

  1. Designs

This is the highly vital feature to be considered while selecting your wedding invitations. The wedding cards can be wonderfully embellished with patterns of feathers, domes, hearts, leaves, peacocks and other detailed designs. You can also choose for decoration bindis and gems, which will further decorate your Muslim wedding invites.

  1. Style

Designer, conventional or traditional, select a style of card that perfect fits your occasion and taste. Scroll wedding cards are highly in demand now a day. These are obtainable in vibrant shades and striking designs. Lettering has been an extremely favorite for a number of years while it comes to printing the card content. On the other hand, hand crafter cards are an ideal for that stylish look. For traditional pattern, you can take in Kudan and sequins stones.

  1. Theme

Your Muslim wedding invites could be a sign of the theme of your marriage. Theme based Hindu wedding cards seems to be gaining fame. But, if you choose for a wedding based card, ensure it will well match with your wedding stationery and decoration.

  1. Other Tips

Above all, keep in mind, that you must perfectly have a image in mind when you begin planning the choice of Muslim wedding invitations. The selection of every aspect that makes up the card design must be matching with this vision.

Keep in mind, to ensure that you very special day is memorable; you have to initial start with the best Islamic wedding invitations.


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