Android Watch- Creating the Required Revolution

chinavasionThe constant screen gazing was proving to be highly futile. The sole thing it believed in displaying was ‘The information is unavailable at the moment. Please try again.’ Who knew the results unraveling business would be so time-consuming? My patience along with my inquisitiveness had gone for a toss. Little brother who was perpetually curious decided to not give up. While I was munching on those chips, I received ‘the’ news. “You have been accepted to Boston University”, were those gleeful words. All thanks to my folks’ spontaneity, I ditched my waterproof phone.

Their let’s-get-him-a-smart watch talks were highly instrumental in the above action. Obviously, I was given the liberty to have my own pick. RAM, bandwidth and disk space discussions followed soon after. Call it my perfect alignment of stars but my destiny made me have an encounter- A rendezvous with what seemed like a perfect watch!

Characteristics like the ones mentioned below did the enticing trick well! MTK6572 dual core processor, 3G connectivity, 4GB internal memory and metal bezel were enough for luring me.

Whilst the good size interface search was on, we went for the one that offered 1.54 inch display.

My dissociation with the Wi fi connection indeed helped me find this delight. The company promised to bestow micro SIM card slot provides 2G and 3G bandwidth support. Faster download speed, here I come!

240 x 240 display resolution ensured to define the term ‘nitty gritty’ pretty well!

Magnetic field, Accelerometer and Gravity sensors seemed like an icing on the cake.

470 mAh battery size and 72 Hours standby made certain to strike excessive charging off the list.

The 214 mm inner strap length using last hole, dimension also adorned the technical attributes inventory.

The Android watch was invading the Internet bazaar and peoples’ minds and how! Though I was adamant on having for myself a high-end gadget, my mind did have a certain wavering. It was an unusual inclination towards the new-fangled tablets. I present you the subsequent information to save you from the intense research.

The 7 inch 3G tablet was the talk of the town and was ranking high on the popularity chart. The MTK8382 Quad Core CPU and 8GB Internal Memory characteristics were attracting attention like no other!

GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 2G frequencies were also bagging accolades for its commendable work.

0.3MP Front/ 2MP Back (Interpolation 2MP Front / 5MP back) seemed like unadulterated joy to all selfie fanatics. Not to forget the 640×480 Front/ 1920×1088 back video resolution that was creating an equal amount of wave.

Support 5 Point Multi touch also did the engaging job quite impeccably.

In-house QC and OTG cable satiated the knowledge need to a great extent. The 191x103x6 mm product dimension also performed the same task.

Cheap tablets did confuse me for a while and left me in a contemplation maze. However, I went with the former option and had for myself a happy place. The watch gathered eyeballs and became a thing of envy amongst my friends.

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