5 Points to Consider Before Buying Platinum Engagement Rings

If you have finally made the decision to propose to ask for your significant other’s yes, you want to make sure that you will present her with the right platinum engagement rings. This can be quite a tough task to pursue though. Most people experienced such roller coaster of emotions when taking their pick. They want to please the woman of their dreams. Of course, they want to stay in their paying range as well. So, with all these elements that need to be taken into account, it is no wonder why not many people are looking forward to actually shopping for a ring.

A good way to determine what kind of ring she might actually want is to listen to her when it comes to talks about jewelry. Of course, you would want this to be a surprise. So, you would never want to make it look as if you are too overenthusiastic when topics like these come up. You can take hints from the kinds of jewelry she wears too or the kind of style she has. This way, you can easily pick a ring with the right bauble that will suit her very well.

You might want to go ahead and ask for the permission of her family ahead of time. It is always best to secure the blessings of her folks before you will pop the question, you will find that this is going to be awkward though. So, it does help a lot when you have known her parents before, have met them, and have interacted with them. This way, getting the question out in the open is going to be a lot easier for you to do.

Consulting other guys who has done the same thing before can be a really big help. They have been through the same hurdles before and were able to pull things through right, you can easily pick up tips and tricks from them on how you can get yours done as well. They can give you pointers to make sure that on the day when you finally present the ring and pop the question, it will be perfect.

If you really have no idea what to get her, then her friends might help. You will be surprised at how supportive they are going to be at the prospect of getting one of their friends getting asked the big questions her girl friends will know a lot of the things that you might not know about here especially when it comes to the feminine side of things, they would be more than happy to point you towards the right direction so you can get a better idea of what to get.

Understand that this is a time when you are supposed to consider what your significant other wants. It is not enough for you to exert the necessary effort. She will be wearing that band all the time, you might as well see to it that the piece you end up getting for her is going to be something that she will like and she will love wearing. So, it has to suit her taste. It needs to suit her style.

8 most beautiful trending engagement rings

It is every girl’s dream to get the perfect engagement ring from her better half. Every girl has a different choice, from the classy white diamond ring to a colourful ring or the dazzlers; an engagement ring needs to be perfect because it marks the start of eternity. A unique and beautiful diamond ring from her better half is all that a girl ever dreams of!

engagement rings

Here’s our pick of some of the most popular and most beautiful engagement rings –

  1. Colourful diamonds ring

If you are someone who has a very playful and bold personality, colourful diamonds ring is the best one for you. Fancy hues like pink or yellow look just gorgeous without overwhelming others. If you are ready to experiment try something like the black diamond! It is the most elegant thing ever.

  1. Floral accents ring

This ring suits someone who is very traditional and close to her roots. Keep in mind, the details of the flowers, vines and petals need to be made really artistic so that the ring looks like a ring and not a flower basket. With a big diamond seated in the middle, this ring is nothing but perfect.

  1. Colourful accents ring

This type of ring is very artistic. You can get a personalised ring for your better half made of her favourite stones. If you don’t want to experiment with the middle piece, it is perfectly fine but you can always decorate it with sapphires and emeralds and rubies. It suddenly gives a more vibrant look to the ring.

  1. Elaborate side views ring

This involves big bucks. This is one way to make the ring look as beautiful as possible from all angles. The intrinsic designs and encrusted diamonds or something monogrammed on it. Sounds so romantic!

  1. Vintage designs ring

Vintage rings are on a high nowadays. Everyone seems to be obsessed with everything vintage. The best thing about vintage rings is that they are gorgeous, nothing can wrong with vintage rings and they are timeless. Selecting a ring from a particular period is really a thoughtful process!

  1. Mix metal halo rings

Want to add some spice to the ring and make it a ravishing beauty? This works best when you are confused about which metal to choose. Something like a rose gold halo and a white gold band sounds super perfect! And with the diamonds and all, it will look just stunning.

  1. Square band rings

Now, this is something new to us! You may think that they would be uncomfortable because the cross section of human fingers is round and how can a square fit! But to your utter astonishment, they fit better than round band rings and more comfortable to wear too! Discovery, may be?

  1. Rose gold rings

We’ve always been doing the yellow metal or platinum thing, but if your better half is someone who loves to experiment and would love the idea of Rose gold as her engagement ring, why not! It gives a very feminine touch and suits all skin colours too!

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 Get Exquisite Jewelry Designs – Visit Jacob & Co.

Jewelry designing is an intricate art and to keep churning new designs one after another is a rare feat! This is more difficult if a designer has no robust training in the same, but Jacob Arabo, an immigrant from Uzbekistan to the United States prove this entirely wrong. With just training in jewelry designing for a few months in a course, he understood the nitty-gritty of the art more than others and started his own kiosk at a young age. It is his panache of creating unique designs to his loyal clients, he travel to distant lands to get rare diamonds that can do justification with his craftsmanship. Some of the places, he travel were pretty dangerous, but who cares when your passion is to deliver the best!

A long list of celebrity clientele

Jacob who earned the name of Jacob the Jeweler by his clients who swear by the rare and exquisite designs of his offerings has a long list of celebrity clientele across the world. However, he started as King of Bling and his designs catches the imagination of many rappers in his starting days as an independent jewelry designer who at that time sell jewelries from a small kiosk. He quickly understood his client’s needs, mostly rappers and created some exquisite designs that quickly made him popular in the music world and soon the artists flock to his kiosk to get more from themselves. He made the best use of the new found popularity of his designs and founded his own brand of jewelries which continued to fetch high-end celebrities.

Some of the names from his long list of celebrities include the following names.

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jay Z
  • Beyonce
  • Kayne West
  • Leonardo DiCaprico
  • Paris Hilton
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Margot Robbie
  • Lucy Hale

Kinds of jewelries crafted by Jacob

It is his passion to craft a unique piece out of any gemstone or diamond that his clients never look any other way to adore themselves on red carpet events as well as during major events. He designed everything, right from rings to bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, accessories, cufflinks, stickpins, etc. He in fact forays into his hugely popular high-end watch designing business only in 2012 and one not to tell that he excel in his new job too! He has earned tremendous respect as Jacob, the Jeweler among the watch manufacturing community and his watches manage to ear praises in the media over and over again.

It is Jacob’s artistic ability to meet the specific needs of his clients that he enjoys an ever expanding clientele and has changed his fortune of that of a poor immigrant to a millionaire. His keen eye for the minutest of details enables him to create some of the most classic jewelry pieces of all time that will be remembered by all! If also want some unique timepiece or just a piece of jewelry, remember no one can be as good as Jacob, the Jeweler!

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Grab the Invicta Reserve Collection!

The world of fashion is enhancing and transforming day by day. Not only clothes and footwear but every small accessory is becoming important and trendy with every passing day. Even a small wrist watch has to be classy and trendy now days. This is why the customers are going crazy about Invicta Reserve Collection Watches. It is a unique kind of watch collection introduced specifically for men. The watches belonging to this collection are chronograph watches those have a separate date display. Also, these are so classy that these go perfectly with all kinds of outfits and the color combination as well as texture suits all kinds of hand’s skin tone.


The Invicta collection consists of watches that are of superior quality and offer a high performance. The material used in the manufacture of these watches is skin friendly and is a high quality material. The stainless steel that encircles the dial is coated with ion and the case is also made up of stainless steel that has black plating on its surface. The strap is made up of polyurethane and has a black clasp covering that protects it. The watches are water proof up to 1000 meters.

High quality

The quality of the watches coming out of the Invicta collection is undoubtedly the best and the customers don’t have to think twice before buying them. As far as the brand name is concerned, Invicta promises its customers a standardized product. The best designs and technology used within are used while these watches are being manufactured and then being offered to the customers for sale. Every item is created keeping in mind the taste of every individual and great care is taken on the part of quality and perfection. The main aim is to provide immense luxury to all the customers in all the products offered over here.

sdfRich collection

The Reserve Collection presented by Invicta has an exceptional and remarkable taste followed by distinguished values and features. They create something that is undoubtedly superb. Every watch is made with hands and that too with ultimate care. The timepieces produced are an example of perfection and class. This is a limited collection and is produced in small quantities. A unique kind of pleasure is offered in these watches so that the customers do not have to think twice before purchasing them and putting them on their wrist(s).

In short, these are probably the best watches that one can have. The rarest and the most sober collection of wrist watches is here for the people who dream of having everything that is different from others and is of supreme quality. Although, the price range is little high but once bought, these are worth the price. A full range of designs, colors, patterns and textures is presented for the ones who want something colorful along with superior quality and high class. Every customer definitely wants to have something that is noticeable and one in a million. Reserve Collection is the one for such people.

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Jacob Arabo- The Self-made Watch-man

The world is ruled by two types of people- one who come with a silver spoon in mouth and are born to rule and second, one who make his or her fate by own determination and vision. Jacob Arabo – the man who created a niche in the field of Jewelry designing  is definitely the one from second category. He was born in Uzbekistan but it seems he was meant for bigger things. He moved to US when he was 14 and  soon left formal education to follow his heart and passion.  Born Yakov Arabov, he became Jacob Arabo in America. By 16 he decided to discontinue with the education and joined a six month tenured jewelry designing course. It was here that his real talent surfaced and he completed the course in four months only. He won accolades from his professors who pursued him to take up jewelry designing as his career. And as it is said, the rest is history.

His tryst with destiny started in 1981 when at a tender age of 16, he opened a tiny kiosk in Diamond District of New York City. He started with designing for different jewelry labels as well as private clients. In next five years, Jacob Arabowas capable enough to open his own jewelry company named Jacob & Co and launched his brand Diamond Quasar. It is to be remembered that he set his first milestone at barely the age of 21. He started his career with traditional designs at a reasonable price. But there was a clear distinction in his products in its designs. They were clear, striking and often geometric patterned.

Noted singer of R&B, Faith Evans was first to take a fancy on his designs. Along with her, her husband the rapper the Notorious BIG also became an admirer of his designs. Together they introduced his brand to many more celebrities. And thus started Jacob Arabo’s love affair with the glamor world, especially the music industry. Today his clientele consists of innumerable famous people ranging from David Beckham to Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé to Cristiano Ronaldo. Flaunting a Jacob Arobo design on finger, wrist or ears is a style statement in its own.

Jacob Arabo launched his first time piece in 2002. In March 2015, the Jacob & Co unveiled its latest and most expensive watch Billionaire which is priced $18 million. Set with 260 carats emerald-cut diamonds and affiliated with Flavio Briatore’s Billionaire Lifestyle SARL, this watch has surely grabbed the eyeballs of everyone. The case of the watch and the bracelet in which it is set is crafted in 18 carat white gold along with sapphire crystal. The movement of the dial reminds you that watch is not all jewelry but a timepiece as well. It consists of about 19 jewels and 167 different components.

Jacob & Co deals with products that can be set with diamonds, be it a watch or a shoe. He works with rarest and best of gemstones, justifying every alphabet for the title that he uses for himself- Jacob- the jeweler.

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