Here Is Why You Need To Invest In Bitcoin

 You probably already know that global markets are volatile. Last summer, China’s market crashed, and has fallen over 33 percent since. In an effort to prop up their stock market, China bought bonds and domestic stocks, hoping to hold up prices. But nothing seemed to work. Later in 2015, America’s Central Bank, the FED, raised interest rates. The rise in interest rates caused money to flow from equities into fixed investments such as bonds, which hit US equities particularly hard. As you can imagine, currencies in countries with volatile stock markets are also fairly volatile and unpredictable. That is why more and more people are putting their cash in alternative investments, including Bitcoin.


Many investors are using a bitcoin merchant Account from payment processors such as EMB in order to invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become an attractive investment for a variety of different reasons. Bitcoin’s negatives have been outlined time and time again—they can be lost forever, and hacked and stolen. The currency itself can be volatile at times. Several governments have gone on a crusade to destroy the currency and its exchanges. But Bitcoin has remained despite these issues, and it looks like it will be a mainstay on the black market for a long time.

If you are looking to protect your money from currency volatility, then you need to be invested in Bitcoin. Throughout China’s stock market crash, Chinese investors put money in Bitcoin to keep it protected from stock and currency fluctuations. Because of the massive influx of cash, Bitcoin’s price actually rose, making investors money. Bitcoin is completely anonymous, unlike any kind of currency issued by the state. When you buy and sell Bitcoin, you can be assured that your purchase is completely anonymous and you will never know the person on the other side of the transaction. This is attractive for many industries, and it is upsetting to many government agencies. If you are looking for an investment that is unaffected by outside factors such as our volatile stock market, then Bitcoin might be right for you.

Setting the Stage for Your Online Store’s Success

After years of mulling it over, you’ve decided to open an online store. Given the immense – and ever-increasing – popularity of online shopping, any store that offers sought-after products, affordable prices and responsive customer service stands to make a handsome profit. Unfortunately, there are a number of prospective roadblocks on your path to success. For starters, you don’t know the first thing about website design, nor have you ever managed a retail establishment. Luckily, provided you seek the proper assistance, these issues shouldn’t prove a massive hindrance.


Hand with credit card and a small shopping cart coming from laptop screen isolated in white

Create a User-Friendly Website

If you’ve never crafted a website, designing an online store from the ground-up is liable to seem like quite a challenge. Fortunately, companies like 1ShoppingCart have found ways to streamline this task, making it possible for technologically-impaired individuals to create eye-catching websites. Using pre-existing templates, fonts and stock images, you can put together a professional-looking online store in a matter of hours. To imbue your store with fantastic aesthetics, enviable functionality and easy accessibility, get in touch with 1ShoppingCart today.

Optimize Your Store for Mobile Browsing

Optimization for mobile browsing is crucial to the success of any modern-day online business. The majority of shoppers no longer use traditional PCs and laptops to access their favorite stores. These days, smart phones and tablet devices are most people’s preferred browsing tools. If your site gives off a laggy performance or is unable to properly load on mobile devices, you’re missing out on a substantial chunk of prospective business.Stores owners with limited technical knowledge are urged to enlist the services of experienced web designers or highly-rated companies like 1ShoppingCart. Having your site optimized for mobile browsing will exponentially expand the store’s reach, paving the way for increased profits and positive word of mouth.

Don’t Skimp on Customer Service

Because they don’t have to deal with patrons face-to-face, many online store proprietors put customer service on the backburner. When you’re not actually standing in front of someone, it’s easy to respond to their concerns and queries with glib, unhelpful replies. However, taking this approach to customer service won’t do your store any favors. Consumer feedback sites like Yelp have changed the game considerably in recent years. If your store’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired, don’t be surprised to find scores of bad reviews floating around the web. Furthermore, if a disgruntled patron has a sizable social media following, a disparaging post about your business can instantly reach tens of thousands of people. That being the case, it’s in your best interest to treat dissatisfied patrons with the utmost respect.

The web is home to millions of online stores, some of which are independently owned and some of which are extensions of major chains. In other words, calling the online shopping scene “overcrowded” would be an understatement. However, in stark contrast to the traditional retail industry, new stores can quickly rise to prominence. If you’re dead-set on making your first foray into online store ownership a rousing success, don’t underestimate the importance of a user-friendly site, mobile optimization and first-rate customer service.