Jacob Arabo- The Self-made Watch-man

The world is ruled by two types of people- one who come with a silver spoon in mouth and are born to rule and second, one who make his or her fate by own determination and vision. Jacob Arabo – the man who created a niche in the field of Jewelry designing  is definitely the one from second category. He was born in Uzbekistan but it seems he was meant for bigger things. He moved to US when he was 14 and  soon left formal education to follow his heart and passion.  Born Yakov Arabov, he became Jacob Arabo in America. By 16 he decided to discontinue with the education and joined a six month tenured jewelry designing course. It was here that his real talent surfaced and he completed the course in four months only. He won accolades from his professors who pursued him to take up jewelry designing as his career. And as it is said, the rest is history.

His tryst with destiny started in 1981 when at a tender age of 16, he opened a tiny kiosk in Diamond District of New York City. He started with designing for different jewelry labels as well as private clients. In next five years, Jacob Arabowas capable enough to open his own jewelry company named Jacob & Co and launched his brand Diamond Quasar. It is to be remembered that he set his first milestone at barely the age of 21. He started his career with traditional designs at a reasonable price. But there was a clear distinction in his products in its designs. They were clear, striking and often geometric patterned.

Noted singer of R&B, Faith Evans was first to take a fancy on his designs. Along with her, her husband the rapper the Notorious BIG also became an admirer of his designs. Together they introduced his brand to many more celebrities. And thus started Jacob Arabo’s love affair with the glamor world, especially the music industry. Today his clientele consists of innumerable famous people ranging from David Beckham to Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé to Cristiano Ronaldo. Flaunting a Jacob Arobo design on finger, wrist or ears is a style statement in its own.

Jacob Arabo launched his first time piece in 2002. In March 2015, the Jacob & Co unveiled its latest and most expensive watch Billionaire which is priced $18 million. Set with 260 carats emerald-cut diamonds and affiliated with Flavio Briatore’s Billionaire Lifestyle SARL, this watch has surely grabbed the eyeballs of everyone. The case of the watch and the bracelet in which it is set is crafted in 18 carat white gold along with sapphire crystal. The movement of the dial reminds you that watch is not all jewelry but a timepiece as well. It consists of about 19 jewels and 167 different components.

Jacob & Co deals with products that can be set with diamonds, be it a watch or a shoe. He works with rarest and best of gemstones, justifying every alphabet for the title that he uses for himself- Jacob- the jeweler.

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Sublingual Glutathione- The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenator

flawless“Yes, I will”, the words were enough for my grey-haired father to indulge in a mini celebration. He took his ‘hopeless romantic’ tag rather too seriously. His energetic, spontaneous soul decided to ask my mom out on their silver jubilee anniversary. My doe eyed, demure mother coyly accepted his proposal. So, let us get it straight, they were keen on renewing their wedding vows. I, on the other hand, was told to order Sublingual glutathione. Who knew I would not be the one doing the usual wedding errands?

Seeming to be the next intervention, their stern faces gestured me to have a seat. I really did not know where this was going. I sat there, legs crossed and with a rather tensed face. Apparently, my skin was a bigger concern than their destination woes. They wished for my glowing skin to be the talk of their big, fat wedding. I do not know how, but they managed to let my never-consume-skin whitening pills policy go for a toss.

It was as if my headstrong nature had gone for a long, due vacation. I had to comply and instigate the online expedition. You know, not belonging to the shopaholic clan initially had the ‘blessing in disguise’ appearance for me. The bane part surfaces only for those who claim to be perpetually confused.

Trust me when I say I did not know which Sublingual glutathione to go for! Thank God for that Russian writer and his with a-potential-to-bag-an award blog. You people have helped me more than an encyclopedia could ever do! Thankfully, I am not one of those information hoarders. For the very same reason, I would like you to know how it is to use these high-end beauty revivers. Keep your cell phones aside and read the below information with all the possible concentration.

You might think of antioxidant as something to be dealing only with bodily functions. However, what I am about to tell you next will leave you in shock. Researchers say the medicines have taken quite the efforts to be in the ‘antitoxin’ brigade. They are given the highest numbers for keeping the skin contaminants at bay.

Right from that A-list actress to your nosy neighbor, every woman worries about looking twice her age. Ask them what all have they done to reverse the aging process and they will chart out a serpentine list. Ayurvedic pills, homeopathic medicines, injections must have definitely made it to the cut. Suggest them one of those phenomenal, ultra white formations and they will be eternally grateful to you.

Considered faster than ivory caps, they have a robust control over melanin synthesis. Yes, the secret to having an envious, white skin is out!

Acetyl, Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Methionine, and Vitamin C are fortunate enough to have been included by the manufacturers for production. They form quite the team to retain the natural collagen. It is the time to show wrinkles and discoloration the exit door!

 No kidding when I say Sublingual glutathione has essayed the role of confidence enhancer! The wedding was a hit with the photographer earning quite a bomb with my candid pictures.

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Human mind:

                The human brain is considered the most complicated and amazing organ both at the same time. The human brain performs two functions one which is to regulate all the different processes in the human body and acting as the master organ of the whole system. The other component of the human brain which we call as the mind is an invisible entity which can be understood from the deeds performed by the person. The intelligence exhibited by the individual is the mark of the person’s mind. Brain affected due to a variety of conditions or ailments, it loses the ability to perform its functions as efficiently as before. Apart from the nutritional deficiency, the process of ageing also has a toll on the brain which causes it to become lethargic and slow. Understanding and cognition become very dull and productivity of the person drops overall. This is enough to make the person feel worthless and depressed.


The antidote:

                The antidote for all the ailments that the brain suffers and the mind in course of this, is to treat it with the right kind nutrition and relaxing therapy which will rebuild the whole system to function in better manner. The product is beneficial in boosting memory, it helps to improve logical thinking and cognition, it helps to focus on the work on hand and it relaxes the nerves and makes them to face any situation with ease and efficiency. It boosts motivation, it helps to solve the dreaded problem of insomnia, sleep apnoea, and others which causes the physical discomfort and inconvenience due to lack of sleep. But the most important of all is aniracetam capsules for memory which is basic for the other cognitive functions of the person.

Anti anxiety:

                The toll that anxiety can have on the personality of a human being cannot be explained but it has to be felt to understand. A certain level of anxiety is present in all humans. But when the level of anxiety increases where the person is not able to do any of his functions, then it becomes a major limitation for his life as a whole. A person cannot be anxious at all times and expect to lead a peaceful and productive life. This has to be dealt with somehow and the remedy for that is aniracetam which makes the nerves calm and collected and the mood is uplifted by which the person feels more energy and strength. The confidence level goes down for an anxious person. But the administration of the product proves quite beneficial in this malady.

The format:

                The product is available in two different formats such as the capsule and the powder. Many find the capsules more comfortable because it is pre packed and easy to administer and also to maintain the right dosage level.

How to use:

                The product has to be taken in the suggested dosage point and never to lose track of the times that you have taken the medication. The capsules have to be taken with milk and it is recommended never to take the dosage on an empty stomach as there is every chance of the product being eliminated without causing any benefit of the ingredients. The dosage is improved as you continue taking it but start with the minimal dosage point of five hundred mille grams and can be extended to seven hundred fifty and then to fifteen hundred mille grams.

Time duration:

                The time required for the product to show results is two weeks and http://nootriment.com/modafinil-experience/is the perfect solution for improving learning.

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Characteristics of good footwear for kids

Let us discuss the four most important signs of a good children’s shoes, on which parents need to pay attention when buying sandals, boots, shoes (all children’s shoes) at the Geox shoes sale, because the main aim of all parents is to make the little legs of the child feel beautiful and healthy.

Material of the children’s shoes. Most importantly, you need to look for when buying children’s shoes at the Geox shoes sale is – from what material made a particular model. Make it as a rule to consider the length and breadth of the shoes, smell it (there is no need to be ashamed of this, the shoes should not have a pungent smell, it shows the usage of substandard materials and / or abuse in production technology) – an unscrupulous seller can hide from you some information but your senses will not deceive you. Your child’s feet are growing very quickly and need more comfort than the leg of an adult, so, buying shoes at the Geox shoes sale try to choose shoes from breathable material. If you chose the right shoes, breathable material will pass the air through itself and thus will contribute its spread inside the shoe. And as a consequence – your child is doing well: it is not hot in the summer, in winter is not so cold. This is not the only one property of material that must be considered.

It also must be tough enough to protect the feet of your baby from the dangers that lie in wait for him on the street: rocks, nails, broken bottles, and so on. After all, the main occupation of the child – is playing, and during this session, the baby cannot fix all the things surrounding him, all the things which can encounter in his path and can cause harm, so our task – to give as much as possible protection for the young researchers from the dangers lying in wait for him. In this, the right choice of footwear at the Geox shoes sale will help us. Also remember that the child should not feel himself in the shoes like in the grip, the material of the shoes at the same time should be gentle to his feet. Be sure to consider all these factors when buying children’s shoes at the Geox shoes sale.

Arch support. This detail does not allow developing flat feet legs, thereby preventing the effects – the development of various diseases. The choice of shoes is depending on the type of arch support. Not every insole will fit to your baby. Buying shoes at the Geox shoes sale, you should also pay attention to it. Always try on the shoes and ask your child how he feels- comfortable or not, is it convenient for him to walk or no. You must necessarily track all these factors. Your child should feel himself comfortable in the shoes from the Geox shoes sale.

Johanna Wilson operates as a freelance writer for a line of Internet publications, who covers a range of kids footwear topics exemplified by Geox shoes on sale and other related matters. A restless nomad of Internet space and an influential figure in all that has to do with kids footwear.

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The wide variety of Salwars

UntitledSalwarKameez is a widely wore Indian wear, it is worn by lot of women in their daily life. It is comfortable and can be worn in household or office or even to any wedding or other occasion. There is a huge range of styles , sizes, patterns of Salwarkameez . As it is probably the oldest form of indian wear it is available in any and all fabrics within all price ranges. But with so many options arises much higher confusion. Cbazzar brings you finest range of Salwarkameez , and exclusive range or Bottom wear which includes diverse styles of Salwars.

You might have seen various styles of Kameez or Kurtas but Cbazzar brings a wide range of Salwars. You can now skip going to the market in search for the similar fabric or a particular colour to match your kurti. Choose from Patiala or Churidar or a Palazzo to style yourSuits. Patiala are all time classic look for salwars, they have lot of plates that fall and give nice fall to the fabric. These are particularly worn on short length kurti’s . A Patiala salwar given a proper ethnic look for any occasion. Whereas a churidarwhich is the most common and normally used bottom wear.


A churidar is long and creates lot of churis at the bottom; churidar’s can be teamed up with any kind of kurta, with basic and casual look to heavy embroidery work kurta. Wear it to any casual outing, or any grand occasion, a churidarsalwarkameez looks elegant and graceful. Nowadays, Churidar’s are also getting replaces by colourful leggings which give the same look and are equally comfortable. You can get a churidar bottom in any fabric, cottons, silks or georgette. The latest in fashion are Palazzo’s. They are stylish and give your ordinary suit a modern touch. Palazzo are inspired from Pakistani fashion and are usually teamed up with long Kurta’s .Palazzo arewide legged straight pants and made from soft fabrics thus making it fashionable yet confortable.



Besides these usual, Cbazzar has exclusive collection of extraordinary craftsmanship work. With Jacquard and Brassowork Salwars, to Embroidered and Printed Salwars. Such fine work done by craftsman with emphasis given on detailing to make you standout. New Applique Salwars and lowers with Crystal and Bead work where fine quality crystals and beads are used. Sharp and beautiful Sequinsed and Pita Work Salwarsgives the quintessential Indian look to your SalwarKameez. Fabrics like Chanderi and Reshamare used to stich Salwars which are exclusively available on Cbazzar. With such a variety of embroidery work,colours, fabric you can pick a salwarand mix n match it to create a new look . The most important thing about bottom wear is , that they need to be comfortable. Pick a style which compliments your style and comfort. Ethic outfits never go out of fashion and are chic to be worn at any occasion. A well-designed SalwarKameez makes you look even more radiant.

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Ideas for Your Wedding Anniversary

Your wedding anniversary is one the most important days of the year, but as the years of marriage stack-up it can become difficult to keep coming up with fresh and individual ideas year on year.  Sometimes married couples even say to each other ‘Don’t worry about getting me a present this year’ and before long, the day has lost its perceived importance.  However, it certainly has not lost its actual importance and if this has happened to you, it’s not too late to add some vigour to the days celebrations. Below we explore ways of how:

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

We have all heard of the traditional ‘anniversary years’ of marriage such as pearl, ruby and diamond.  You could look to this list to inspire your gift.  Each year of marriage has an element associated with it but to add a twist try and think a little more out-of-the-box….. for example, your first year of marriage is your ‘paper anniversary’, we certainly hope you’re not struggling for ideas in year one, but you could take this symbol of paper as a starting point and run with the idea by generating a beautiful photo album or scrapbook of all the special moments you have shared together in this first twelve months.

Personalised Anniversary Gifts

A personalised anniversary gift is an excellent way to show you care whilst also offering something that little bit different.  There is also a massive selection of possibilities from which to choose.  One of the best places we have found is www.myredpacket.co.uk who have personalised anniversary gifts in their droves. Remember the photo album suggested above? – well, how about personalising it with the date and your names!  Or if that doesn’t float your boat, you could try an engraved photo frame with a nice picture of you and your partner on your special day.  With personalised anniversary gifts the possibilities really are endless.

A Special Holiday

If a physical gift isn’t going to satisfy your partner, how about a trip or experience together?  They say ‘those who play together stay together’ and making a new special memory together can only enhance your relationship.  Some people like to go for a scary or adrenaline-filled experience such as a trip to a theme park or maybe even sky diving.  More conventional options might include visiting where you spent your honeymoon together or a trip to Paris.  Whichever you choose make sure to document the trip so you can refer back to it for years on end.  What better way of doing this is there than a personalised anniversary photo album?

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A Few Most Popular Fashion Tips for Women to Consider

Assembling the most appealing and suitable outfit for you can be a bit of a challenge and it would bring some levels of confusion for inexperienced women. As the modern fashion world is bringing latest trends in the everyday, finding the most suitable and yet fashionable one can be a bit of a problem and complex process. Woman’s casual dress section is as huge as anyone’s imagination can be. So, swimming through it without knowing which direction to go and where to stop would be tiring and the results would not be satisfactory either. In such cases, fashion tips can help out modern women and make them easily select the right product that can make them look the diva that they have always wanted to be.

However, finding the right platform to get tips regarding fashion and trends can be a bit of a challenge itself. Online platform can be selected and considered to be the best arcade to find genuine information in this regard,. But, as there are numerous professionals in this sector with extensive level of information, finding the most efficient, updated, and tasteful tips can be hectic. So, in this article we are offering information on a few tips that can be useful to you while you are searching for best possible clothing and outfit types for women.

  1. Always Focus On Your Body Type: While searching for best clothing outfit, you need to focus on your body type first. The shape and size of your body would determine whether the selected clothing would look good on you or not. Your height and physical stature can be used in your favor to select the right outfit. Short women must select short tops and bright colors are good for women who are bulky.
  2. Consider Comfort: Without adding comfort factor, you cannot make appropriate fashion tips. So, these tips or suggestions are asking you to focus on the comfort feature that your selected outfit is offering. Cotton is the most favourite fabric to deliver comfort and breathing space to your skin while managing your movement with ease.
  3. Adding Accessories Is Great: You can obviously add accessories to your casual outfit in order to enhance your look. You can use bags made of jute or recyclable material, or beaded neck pieces, and appropriate bags to complete your look and to stand out from the crowd.

These are few of the many fashion tips that can help you to bring new colours and styles to your look.

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Several tips when buy women’s clothes

Most of the women do not really need advice on buying clothes because they are already well aware of what they want and what they do not! However it is always go to know more and more about what you are about to buy because when you have more choices available with you, it comes easier for you to decide and at times you are also able to find great deals when you compare multiple options that are available with you. In this article we are going to provide you just useful advice on buy clothing for women and tell you the kind of information with which you will be able to use for your own benefit and it will be helpful for you to make the right decision on fine clothes. So let us get started with this topic straight away.

The first point that you have to keep in mind before selecting clothes is from where you would like to buy it. Nowadays most of the women prefer to buy clothes online as it says that time and efforts and at the same time they are also able to find more options for clothes. Searching for clothes that you are want to buy online is easy. You need to search for the keywords for the kinds of clothes that you want to buy and you will get different links to online stores that are selling them. For example you can search for keywords like buy tanks online and after that you can visit some of the stores one by one and decide which store offers the best deals clothes you can compare the ranges that are available with them design enterprise that they offer mature as compared used to get free idea about which job is better then home and then you can finally shortlist a few stores on the way you can purchase the clothes. Another useful piece of advice for women who are looking to buy clothes is that they should purchase clothes that suits you best. Another point that needs to be kept in mind while selecting address or any other cloth is that it should match your personality and also your physical and body size

Some women simply love to buy what is in fashion and while doing so they fail to determine that that dresser cloth with student and a personality is it turns out to be a mismatch and is active of how good ideas or cloth is it will not suit you and you will not be able to get rid of the wicked feeling and hence you will not be able to leave a god impression on others. Therefore it is very important that you wear something that fits you and your body at the same time you are comfortable and confident in it when you select something that fits you perfectly used in automatically feel confident in the dress and that conference will be reflected in the way you walk talk and interact in the event this is what matters most and therefore it is important that dress which you select for yourself for any event also matches your personality.

Author Bio: Shannon Steele shares in this blog post additional information about websites to buy clothing for women and also shop for tanks online and other accessories.

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Growing Plants with Cheap Hydroponic Systems

grow.expertGrowing plants including leafy vegetables such lettuce, spinach, radishes and herbs by you is a good experience. It is great to have fresh and exotic vegetables growing in your own house. There is no need to go out and spend a huge amount in buying the vegetables that are grown with the help of chemicals. Consuming foods with chemical coating are something very dangerous to our health. For this reason, I wished to have a garden of my own that consists of only fresh and green vegetables.  I loved to garden but the only problem that always bothered me was the digging process in the dirt. It is a very weird process that never amazed me. Because of this, I always stepped back to grow plants but I really wanted to do it. That was the time when I came across the cheap hydroponic systems through the internet.

At first, I was completely unaware of this kind of system for growing plants. I tried to research more about it and then I found that this a method used for growing plant in soilless solution. There are various structures of this system such as towers, trays, or frames. Some of the structures has the quality of the holding the water or other mediums and provides enough spaces to grow plants. The system was categorized in two major fields of liquid culture and an aggregate culture. In the solution system, the roots of the plants are enabled to grow directly into the nutrient solution. The aggregate systems consisted of gravel, sand, or clay pallets. Each of the plant supplies that are grown in these pallets gets proper water, moisture, nutrients, and oxygen.

I was very impressed with the great qualities that it is possessed and I tried to get it from the local market. I was looking for a device that is built in superior quality and is inexpensive. The local markets cost me with very high prices and that is why I switched on to the web. On the web, I came across a very effective website ofgrowshop that helped me a lot. It was amazing to have a view of all the essential materials that are required to grow plants. The website provided me with the most effective system at very affordable price range.

Very impressed with the great qualities, I ordered the product and could enjoy its benefits at the earliest. Along with the hydroponic system, I also bought home the cheap led grow lights from the same online store. These artificial lights are very essential for the growth of healthier plants. I was well aware of the fact that the winter seasons did not permit the sunrays to have that powerful strength. This means that the plants would not get enough sunlight, which is actually needed for their growth. That is why; getting an artificial light was of utmost importance. Both the devices that I bought from the online sites did a great work for my garden. I was very happy to grow fresh and effective plants and vegetables in my indoor spaces very conveniently.

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Islamic Wedding Cards: 5 Things to Take into Consideration for an Auspicious Start

So, the wedding dates are fixed? What about the invitations? Do you decide to keep it traditional and simple or go determined for the contemporary look? The Muslim wedding, or, Nikah, is the just right occasion for a grand festivity.

Well, if you are looking to select Islamic wedding invitation for your wedding, there could be a lot of choices to select from. You could either choose the regular wedding invitation styles or think about the scroll types design or the ‘’farmaan.’’   Gratefully, there are some highly proficient wedding card providers on the internet that can particularly be of help! In addition to, purchasing online would also make sure a wide range of money envelopes choices to select from. But, there should be some vital things to think about for choosing the most excellent wedding invitation card.

Aspects to Look out for a Muslim Wedding Invitations

Below mention are some vital tips that you have to take into consideration whole looking for Muslim wedding invitations:

  1. Colors

Color plays an extremely important role in Muslim wedding cards. Take into consideration your wedding theme while selecting the color of the invitation. You can also think about the option of selecting the shade accordingly to the season. For example, cool and bright colors go well in summer, while relatively warmer shades are a great choice in winter season. You can even include widely noticed colors in Islamic wedding card, like red, cream, white and golden.

  1. Designs

This is the highly vital feature to be considered while selecting your wedding invitations. The wedding cards can be wonderfully embellished with patterns of feathers, domes, hearts, leaves, peacocks and other detailed designs. You can also choose for decoration bindis and gems, which will further decorate your Muslim wedding invites.

  1. Style

Designer, conventional or traditional, select a style of card that perfect fits your occasion and taste. Scroll wedding cards are highly in demand now a day. These are obtainable in vibrant shades and striking designs. Lettering has been an extremely favorite for a number of years while it comes to printing the card content. On the other hand, hand crafter cards are an ideal for that stylish look. For traditional pattern, you can take in Kudan and sequins stones.

  1. Theme

Your Muslim wedding invites could be a sign of the theme of your marriage. Theme based Hindu wedding cards seems to be gaining fame. But, if you choose for a wedding based card, ensure it will well match with your wedding stationery and decoration.

  1. Other Tips

Above all, keep in mind, that you must perfectly have a image in mind when you begin planning the choice of Muslim wedding invitations. The selection of every aspect that makes up the card design must be matching with this vision.

Keep in mind, to ensure that you very special day is memorable; you have to initial start with the best Islamic wedding invitations.


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