Floral Prints – A New trend In Fashion

Every week a new trend is being introduced in Indian fashion. This can be easily noticed on the Bollywood Celebrities which is the followed by their respective fans.

Any Indian wedding or a special event gives great significance to the flower. These colourful flowers not just spread their enchanting fragrance to make the climate fresh but also add charm to the entire occasion.

These days FLORAL fashion in vogue and the prints are widely seen over footwear to the outerwear. Floral prints suit all men and women.

  1. Floral Lehenga Choli

Bride is the attraction of any wedding, especially the costume and make up. Thus, you can opt for any designer floral lehenga that will get you all the attention and make you the show-stopper.

  1. Indian vintage Sari

On any traditional event, saree adds the best ethnic touch. You can get them in beautiful floral hue combinations to beautify the splendour. You also get Silk Sari in floral print.

  1. Wear Kurti

If you have to attend any traditional Sangeet or special occasion, you can always choose to go for flowery kurti with A-line, the maxi length that can be teamed with spaghettis or tops to suit on you.

  1. Pants or Stockings

Floral pants are the best fashion to wear for any outing like honeymoon this helps you look trendy and even fashionable with extra comfort.

  1. Floral footwear

Just imagine your wedges, sandals, shoes or flip flops in floral prints. Team up your beautiful simple sari with floral sandals to look gorgeous.

  1. Bold floral handbags

You can avail then in huge collection of sling bags, bag packs, clutches or handbags in many different floral patterns. Select a beautiful khadi clutch with soft floral prints to match your cotton sari.

  1. Stylish Floral Watch

If you love to get dressed in a very elegant way, adding floral watch is a must to amplify the whole look. This can be worn with any given dress or even with sari.

  1. Floral Stoles

Chilled winter demands of beautiful stole to keep you warm. They are trend and thus you can select the floral-patterned to drape it in your own way.

  1. Flower patterned Sunglasses

Give a try to floral patterned sunglasses or eyeglasses to be protected from sun or winter wind. I am sure you won’t regret on this!

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Why You Should Choose Your Wedding Photographer with Care

A Record of Your Big Day

Your wedding day will hopefully be one of the most important and happiest days of your life. Most couples will have put a huge amount of time and effort into organising every last detail of their special day to make sure that everything goes without a hitch.

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Of course, you will want to make sure that you have some spectacular pictures so that you can relive all of the happy memories for years to come. It is important to choose your wedding photographer with great care: a good rapport between you is vital in order to capture the true ambience of the ceremony.

Friends and Family

According to Guides for Brides, many brides to be make the often fatal mistake of simply asking friends or family members to take the wedding shots. Of course, your wedding is likely to be one of the biggest financial outlays that you will ever face, and the desire to keep the budget from spiralling out of control is completely understandable. However, the photographs are a vital part of the whole package and worth investing in, as they provide a tangible reminder of the day that will be with you forever. Sadly, friends and relatives often do not have the necessary skills to produce anything like the results you can expect from a professional photographer. They will not have the experience to cope when things go wrong or to pose large groups of people in such a way as to get the optimum shots.

The Wrong Choice of Professional

Unfortunately, even engaging a professional photographer can backfire unless you choose the right one for you. The Daily Mail reported on a devastated newlywed couple who they say may have been lumbered with the worst wedding pictures in Britain. Thomas and Anneka Geary received pictures which were blurry and out of focus and the photographer did not take a single picture of the groom’s parents. To add insult to injury, the firm went bust and the disappointed Mr. and Mrs. Geary were therefore not even able to secure a full refund for the shocking service they received.

These unfortunate stories of disastrous wedding albums serve only to reinforce the importance of considering your choice of wedding photographer with care, as you only get one chance to secure those precious mementoes. For a truly personalised experience, Sopley Mill wedding photographer Nick Rutter offers a comprehensive service and details of the various packages he offers can be found on his website Nick Rutter Sopley Mill wedding photographer.

Your dream wedding day will seem to pass all too quickly and once it is all over, you are sure to find great joy in experiencing all those happy moments again. A fantastic album of photographs from the occasion is sure to become one of your most treasured possessions which you will enjoy sharing with friends and family for a very long time.

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Five ultimate wedding disaster fears

As thoroughly as you may plan your wedding, there will always be some things that simply can’t be controlled – which is what makes the day so exciting, but also so nerve-racking for everyone involved in the organisation. Of course, the likelihood of the bride or groom running of into the sunset, or a dramatic objection being made in front of friends and family, are scenarios that are (thankfully) much, much less likely to happen in real life than in the movies. But that doesn’t mean that a myriad of other things can’t go wrong in hilarious fashion! Here are some dreaded scenarios that run through every future bride and groom’s mind when planning their big day (and some ways to avoid them):

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Tripping as you walk down the aisle

Every bride wants to look perfectly elegant on her wedding day, but having all eyes on you as you walk down an aisle in a big dress can be daunting, leading the clumsier among us to be prone to tripping. If you’re wearing a long dress on the day, it’s always worth practicing walking in it before all eyes are on you!

A power cut

Though unlikely, you never know when an electricity cut is going to strike. Whether lights go out in the middle of the ceremony or music cuts during the reception, having a power shortage is less than ideal. There is not much that can be done in situations such as these, but it will result in a wedding that everyone will remember – and you can always add romance to the situation by getting some candles out.

Someone fainting

This may not be the most common fear, but has been known to happen – when groomsmen are wearing waistcoats and suits at the height of summer in a poorly-ventilated church, the heat can get unbearable. It could be worth checking whether there’s air conditioning if your big day is during the summer – or alternatively have a slightly more lightweight dress code. For ideas on what to pick, check out these lightweight summer suits that still look incredibly smart:

The photographer not showing up

This being a day that you’ll want to look back on, surely the worst person to fail to show up would be the photographer. And who would want to miss out on photo opportunities such as these?! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Hampshire, New Forest Studio offers a fantastic and reliable service with elegant and stylish photos to look back on with pride! newforeststudio.com.

Crying babies

Whether or not very small children should be invited to weddings or not is a hotly debated issue among planners. It’s never ideal to have a baby wailing over the heartfelt vows, so asking guests with small children to sit near to the exits is always recommended!

Whatever happens, it’s important to keep in mind that the only thing that matters is that you’re marrying the person you love with all your friends and family present – anything unforeseen that happens will just be something to look back on fondly and laugh about in years to come.

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A happy marriage that won’t need to be rescued

When you find a wedding photographer you want to know that they will be able to cope with any eventuality. You’ll want to be sure that they will know how to handle flower girls whose fingers are attracted to their noses every time someone shouts ‘smile’ and ‘best’ men who think that it is their ‘duty’ to photobomb every shot. What you probably won’t expect them to have to deal with is a dramatic rescue going on in the background – fingers crossed – but, as one American couple now know only too well, it’s always best to expect the unexpected on your wedding day.

23Image Credit

No-birdy told them this was going to happen

Jihan and David Chesher had travelled from Missouri to marry on a Californian beach but got more than they bargained for when it came time to say ‘I do’. What happened next made news across the globe, including in British newspapers such as the Daily Mail at dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3069155/Helicopter-crashes-couple-s-wedding-fire-department-rescues-climber-got-stuck-nearby-cliff-vows.html.

In your dreams you might see a white dove fluttering above your head at the climax of your wedding ceremony but the bird that appeared above those Californian sands was much, much bigger. A climber had got stuck up a cliff overlooking Jihan and David’s ceremony and so it was a huge rescue helicopter that tried, quite literally, to overshadow the happy couple.

No room for frowns at this wedding

Fortunately, whilst some brides and grooms might have been devastated by the intrusion during their big moment, the Cheshers couldn’t stop laughing and, according to 7 News at whdh.com/story/28982084/california-wedding-interrupted-by-rescue-chopper, the happy couple even thanked the climber personally for giving them such a great wedding day story when he made a guest appearance later in the day.

You’ve got to think that the pair’s wedding photographer also deserves a pat on the back. Just as a New Forest wedding photographer from a company such as lemontree-photography.co.uk might jump to attention if a pony was to run into a shot, or a beach wedding snapper might be adept at chasing wasps away from their brides, this guy didn’t just sit back and wait for the drama to pass. The snapper captured every moment and after posting the pictures on Instagram is now seeing their work distributed across the world.

Mind you, you’ve got to think that they had some great subjects to work with. There are Bridezillas out there that would have been demanding that the fire and rescue crews left the climber hanging until their wedding had finished (we booked first, you know!) but, instead, the Cheshers and their guests simply spent 20 minutes laughing – and have the pictures to prove it.

The wedding snapper even managed to capture the moment that the climber was rescued and the thrilled crowd cheering at the news. Now that’s a story with a happy ending for all concerned and you’ve got to think that it’s a great omen for Jihan and David, who proved that they will be able to laugh together no matter what life throws at them in the future.

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Metal Making Plays a Major role in the Making of Customised Jewellery

The metals used in a customised piece of jewellery play an essential role in the appearance, expense and durability of a piece. For anyone who is interested in customisation then, it is also important to develop a fundamental understanding the subject of metallurgy, especially as it relates to the design and creation of jewellery.

Familiarise Yourself with the Metals

In order to form an introduction, the basics of metal making and metal history should be reviewed and emphasised. If you want to order a customised ring, necklace or similar adornment then, you should be familiarised with the metals that are used in the jewellery-making process.

Metals Were First Used in Ancient Times

The metals that are used in customising jewellery designs can be traced back several millennia. Metals were employed in the making of jewellery as far back as 6000 BC. Ancient peoples, such as the Egyptians, Greek, Romans and Mesopotamians, used metals for a variety of purposes, including the making of jewellery. Jewellery making evolved with the continual discovery new metals, including gold in 6000 BC, copper in 4200 BC and silver in 4000 BC.

How Metals Are Classified

In basic terms, metals are classified as ferrous or non-ferrous, base or noble and precious or non-precious. It helps to know these distinctions in the making of customised jewellery.

A ferrous metal is a metal that includes iron in its composition. Because iron is corrosive, most jewellery is made of metals that are classified as non-ferrous. Therefore, jewellery that is produced in volume or customised today is made from metal of the non-ferrous variety. The only exception would be jewellery that is made from steel.

When referencing base or noble metals, the metals are categorised according to their chemistry. Base metals, which are fairly abundant, tend to oxidise somewhat easily. Some examples of base metals include copper, nickel, iron or titanium. Noble metals, as the name suggests, are rare and possess a resilient and high surface lustre that resists corrosion. Examples of noble metals include silver, gold and platinum. Therefore, noble metals are generally used in fine jewellery designs.

When you refer to precious and non-precious metals, the difference lies primarily in the rarity and worth. Precious metals include platinum, silver and gold while all other metals fall under the non-precious category. Besides possessing a higher worth, precious metals are especially attractive for making jewellery because they hold a higher amount of shine, are less reactive and are much more malleable.

Although a broad range of gems and materials are used in jewellery crafting, the number of metals that can be utilised is limited for making jewellery. Of the 86 metals that are known currently, only a relatively few are used in contemporary jewellery designs. The most popular jewellery metals then are gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel.

Of the above metals, gold, overall, has the strongest following. Pure gold is a bit too soft to use for jewellery. Therefore, 24 Karat gold (99.9% pure) is mixed with alloy substances, such as zinc or copper, in the manufacture of jewellery.


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