Career Options for Fashion Design Graduates

You’ve finally obtained a degree in fashion design from Maryville University and now it’s time to start looking for work. As you know, employers are going to be looking for more than just your transcripts from Pepperdine University – they’re going to want to see your portfolio, work experience and skillsets. How are you going to add value to their fashion company compared to the next applicant? Keep this in mind as you begin your search for work in the fashion industry.

If you’re at a loss for what type of positions to go after, then the following is a list of various career options available in fashion design.

Fashion Production & Management

This is considered the front line of the fashion industry because it’s where products are made. Your job is to ensure that the quality and consistency of products are maintaining. After gaining sufficient experience, you can move up to management careers. This is a great place to make your way up the corporate ladder until one day you have your very own team.

Fashion Journalist and Publisher

There are plenty of magazines and blogs that are read by the masses. These magazines are written by fashion journalists, who use their knowledge and research skills to create pieces that are fascinating to their target audience. You can try querying the editor of a major fashion magazine or you can try opening up your very own blog. In fashion journalism, you can end up writing for trade publications, e-commerce sites, P companies, news sites and fashion magazines.

Marketing and Advertising

This job is a very important one – as a marketer, you help spread the word about current and new products, so that your company can increase revenue. If you have a knack with words and persuasion, then this may be the ideal path for you. You can end up working for a high street fashion or luxury fashion company. Various mediums can be used to advertise, including the Web, print and film.

Fashion Merchandising

A lot of people fall in love with fashion after spending many years shopping for and spending money on clothes. If this excites you, then you should consider being a fashion merchandiser. In this position, you are responsible for finding new clothes to purchase and bring to the boutique you work for. You need to have a good eye of new and emerging trends, so consumers have a consistent place to shop for the best outfits.

Fashion Technology

Those who are interested in fashion and technology will like this field. The technologies available in the fashion world vary. There’s the virtual design-testing interfaces and algorithms that are now available, and other software. This technology is vital for allowing fashion designers to perform their duties effectively. Some of these software help analyze and predict patterns in consumer choice.

After you’ve graduated from fashion school, you need to research the fields you want to pursue. There are a number of others you can consider outside of these, so do your due diligence!

What Can You Do With a Degree in Fashion Merchandising?

In the fashion world, there are a lot of ecosystems. There is the creative ecosystem – where the designer is creating goods for his or her customer – but there are also all these other micro-ecosystems. One of those micro-ecosystems exists in the merchandising side of things. You can think of the merchandisers as the amphibians of the fashion world, because they cross between the creative and the business ecosystems. With a degree in merchandising – from a school like Cal Poly – you can get a job in many sectors of the industry. Plus, your position could bring in a large annual salary. If you love the fashion world, but don’t necessarily want the responsibility of being a designer, merchandising may be the ecosystem for you. Here are some jobs that you can get with a degree in fashion merchandising.

Trend Analyst

As a trend analyst, your job will be to literally hunt down the newest and coolest. You may hang out in nightclubs or you may just spend time in cities taking notes. In most cases, you will get a job with a big fashion brand – a brand with a lot of retail stores. However, there are some smaller labels hiring analysts and cool hunters.

Department Buyer

If you are looking for a fashion job after college, you may want think of becoming a department buyer. A department buyer is basically someone that buys clothing for a specific department in a boutique, or department store. For instance, if you work in menswear, you may be traveling to showrooms and fashion shows to take orders with designers that make menswear. This could include shoes, dress shirts, slacks or even suits. If you are working in women’s footwear, you may be traveling around meeting shoe designers.

Accountants Receivables and Payables

The accounts department is one of the most essential departments of a fashion brand or label, because it is what keeps the label going. Without someone making sure that accounts are paid, credit will run out. If payables are coming in, cash flow will be nigh. This is why you may want to get NEC’s online masters of accounting or another accounting degree – to boost your chances of becoming an executive.

Display Director

As a display director, your job will be to make sure a store is easy an easy place shop. This sounds simple, but it is actually harder than it looks. A store has to flow. There are countless studies that prove if a store is poorly laid out, shoppers won’t buy as much clothing. It will be in your duties to read reports, create window displays and work with the marketing department to make sure the store feels seamless and easy to shop in.

Marketing Director

On top of everything, you could become a marketing director or executive within the ranks of a fashion label. This is one of the most exciting positions within a fashion label, because you will have a hand in the outside look and feel of the label. In the end, you may be art directing advertisements or you may be building social media campaigns, which can be fun and allow you to connect with customers.

The best purchase option is to buy Halloween costume online

People wearing different costumesEveryone likes to look at his or her best during Halloween. They would like to have costumes that display the trend of the particular day. That could entail some expensive purchases as well. In a way, one should not worry about expenses, as Halloween comes just once a year. However, not everyone would be able to afford this indulgence. This, it becomes imperative for people to search for cheaper options for purchasing their Halloween costume accessories.

Nowadays, you find malls at every nook and corner in the towns and cities. They cater to a variety of items throughout the year. During season time, they have their seasonal offers too. You can find your favourite Halloween costumes here as well. However, malls usually are expensive, as they have to incur many overhead expenses. They would naturally pass on the burden to the customers.

You can visit the special Halloween stores that they set up during the season. These shops cater exclusively to the Halloween item alone. Hence, you would find buying from these shops a better option. In addition, you could buy all your requirements from the same shop, thereby ensuring a sense of continuity. These shops offer discounts for regular buyers as well as for bulk orders. When you buy your requirement for the entire family, you would be able to save a decent sum. Moreover, these shops are less expensive as compared to the malls, as their overhead costs are low.

The third and most popular option available today is the online sale. These online stores are open throughout the year. You get a great range to make your choice. The prices are also very competitive. In fact, you can compare prices of a similar article over a range of different shopping outlets before making your choice. The online store takes care of the shipping aspect as well. You can make easy payments too. These are the benefits available to you when you buy Halloween costume online.

You may find only one drawback in the online purchase and this the fact that you would not be able to try out the costume before its purchase. The physical stores allow you to do that. This is an important aspect because you have to look after your comfort too while you wear the dress for an entire night.

While you try it out at the physical store, you have the liberty to make a few adjustments to the size. These stores usually have tailors who do these minor alterations for you free of cost. This is not possible in an online store. You have to hire your own tailor. This could cost you some money as well. You have the option to return the goods in case you do not like it. These online stores have easy options allowing you to do it.

Looking at the above aspects, you would see that the online stores, as well as the specialized stores, are the best places to buy your Halloween costume accessories. You should do so and enjoy the festivities.

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EBay products and offers

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How To Buy Your Stunning Tops In The Summer

Every year, the months become warmer and most women rushes to find trendy summer dresses. Shopping summer dresses could be exciting options for a trendy look so that it would be useful for getting the trendy look in the excellent manner. There is a great bargain online which could help you to get the amazing wardrobe clothing ready for summer season. When weather heats up, our bodysweats we need comfortable clothing for wearing instead of coats and thick sweaters. Once summer season hits, it is necessary to change up things and buy suitable dresses. A large number of websites are offering the modern comfortable Tops for the summer wear so that it gives quite a luxurious look elegantly. Buying the stunning Tops for the summer wear is not an easy task but there are many things to consider before buying them. Online dress shopping becomes highly popular with more convenient options to choose in the extra ordinary manner. VIPme online website offers the complete catalog with trendy Tops for the summer.


Stylish Tops:

Shopping the Tops by style is one of the most important aspects to get an elegant look. Style and patterns varies according to the dress so that VIPme offers the unique clothing in the excellent manner so that it is quite useful to get the comfortable wear. Searching for the designer clothing with particular brands would be useful for getting the satisfied purchase and most people chooses the tops based on its design and patterns for the summer wear. The popular fashion designers Tops are available in the online shop to get a one stop shop for all the convenient shopping. Style varies depending on the sleeves or sleeveless so that it is quite amazed to wear in the excellent manner. There are V-Neck, round neck and many more designs of Tops available which would be quite interesting for wearing the comfortable clothes. Full length dresses, Bright pastel colors, retro style dresses and many more designs are the basic choices for the trendy wear so that women choos these clothes based on their special occasions like wedding, summer concert and many more. When you are having the special occasion then it is necessary to buy a fabulous looking full-length dress with complementing your shape.



Off the Shoulder Tops:

Most women like to wear the Off the Shoulder Tops for the special occasions so that it will give the most amazing look in the eye of the public. With the eye catching prints and patterns, many different types of Off the Shoulder Tops for Women are available which would be quite useful to get an elegant look. Pairing Off the Shoulder Tops with many accessories would be quite useful for making a beautiful look. Select matching accessories with the Off the Shoulder Tops patterns that includes Printed, Striped, Solid, Checked, Lace / Crochet, Self-Design and many more. Enhance your style with the higher quality materials are designed for the excellent way of summer clothing.

Lingerie Online Shopping India – Every Woman’s Guide

Knowing your body type is an important thing to do these days. Everyone is scrutinized on their sense of fashion for it seems like fashion has taken over the world and people’s minds. All day, every day people are thinking about what pair of jeans would look best with their figure. And that is a great thing otherwise the whole world would be one big fashion disaster. Anyway, it is especially important that women get to know their body types because that is the one way they know how to dress properly. Not just that but innerwear fittings completely rely on the knowledge of your body type.

When you go lingerie online shopping india you have to buy the lingerie collections depending on your body shape. Below is a small guide you can seek assistance from whenever you go lingerie online shopping india:

Plus Sized Women

Such women have a lot of options when it comes to lingerie for they are well endowed and lingerie aims at showing off such area of your body. You can try out plus size lingerie with less-coverage bras or scooped necklines. Another type you can try out are corset lingeries. Women with big chests prefer corsets for they cinch around the waist and create an illusion hourglass figure. Do not forget to choose colors that match your skin tone.

Petite Ladies

Literally everything suits petite ladies so you are open to hundreds of options. If you want to go for daring and bold, choose skimpy lingerie and garter belts. But you can also go for tease and choose one piece with slits in the right places to cover up skin yet still turn your man on. The two best colors for all skin tones are black and red.

Sporty Women

Always such women have great butts and awesome stomachs. So if you are one of them you should aim at revealing those areas of your body. Which man does not like a cute butt and flat stomach? Boy shorts are the best for   bubble butts. No? You do not want them? Opt for thongs! Specially made for showing off your shapely bum, thongs are an awesome selection. As for your abs; a sexy lace bra or a balcony bra will do.

Tall Women

Legs for days, eh? Always choose lingerie pieces that show off and compliment your legs, for that is your good spot and you should bring all the attention there. Lacy one piece lingeries are the best for they cover most of the top part of your body but expose all your legs. You can also bring in new ideas from separate lingerie pieces and make a completely new style. Just remember to add thigh high stockings and Louboutins heels to the result.

How To Select The Best Kurti For Gifting Purpose

Be a casual or a formal occasion, salwar suit is considered to be an ideal outfit to adorn yourself at any event. Every one look nice in perfectly designed salwar suit. It is one of those dresses that bring out the feminine charm in a woman. Salwar suit is one of the most graceful traditional wear for an Indian woman.

Young or old, this dress can be worn by women of any age comfortably. These are the reasons why this is one of the best gifts for your near and dear ones. In this article we will tell you tips to choose the best salwar suit online.

Why should one go online to shop for their favourite salwar suit?

Online ecommerce websites presents you an exclusive range of different types of salwar suits available in different styles, colours, sizes, pattern and price to suit the taste of every woman. Their rich collection and unbeatable range is hard to find in any local stores.  Here are few pointers that you need to keep in mind, while selecting online salwar suits.

  • Choosing kurti:

You should know the taste of the person whom you are sending salwar suit as a gift. You would find numerous range of casual, traditional, party wear or designer kurti at online stores. The type of styles, colours, art work, design and fabric they would like.

Select a salwar suit that suit that goes well with any type of accessory. There are different types of salwar suits available such as a-line kurti, anarkali kurti, short kurti, frock style kurti etc. with captivating art-work, neck and sleeves pattern.

  • Choosing Salwar:

The type of salwar you will select should match the suit. Plain, Patiala, Churidar etc. various types of different salwar are available. Choose the one in accordance to the body size, type and complexion.

  • Choosing Colour

You can get Anarkali salwar suits online in various wonderful and lovely feminine colours. Know the favourite colour of the person whom you are gifting. If the complexion of the person is dark then go for lighter shade and vice versa.

You can try a combination of dark coloured suit with light coloured salwar and vice versa. Make sure the colour you select should not be very gaudy and should be soothing to the eyes.

Should suit the Lifestyle:

Choose a salwar suit by considering the age, lifestyle and likes of the person. Select a causal kurti for casual occasion, party wear one for traditional occasions, formal top for official purpose and trendy and short kurti is perfect for college girls. Considering these aspects will help you make the right choice.


Planning a budget is very important, when it comes to shopping. A well thought planning will prevent you from going overboard. Depending on the budget you can go for the best salwar suit within a specific price range.

Anarkali suits have always been in demand, since decades. The fashion and craze for salwar suit will never diminish. Online shopping portals present a great way to shop at your own convenience. In addition, it saves you from the hassles of visiting various local stores, negotiation, and burden of carrying and delivering them to the destination.

Why You Need More than Just a Wall Around Your Home

You live in a safe, family-friendly neighborhood and you have basic security — locks on your doors and a wall all around. What more do you need?

Burglars attack unoccupied houses

Since most homes are empty during the day when the entire family is away at work or in school, it’s the time burglars prefer to attack. While the cover of the darkest night may seem safer, burglars tend to be wary of occupied homes.


It’s important to understand that when a burglar approaches an unoccupied house, often, there is no need to scale walls or use other forms of stealth. It’s easy enough to walk in through the gates. Once inside, there’s little to keep the intruder out. Most burglars are opportunists — they want to be in and out within minutes. With properly covered faces, they don’t tend to see security cameras and other surveillance technologies as deterrents.

Not only do you need high quality doors and windows, you need to make sure that they are secured with quality locks, as well. If those doors and windows have large expanses of glass that are easily broken, it can make sense to use stainless steel screen mesh over them. According to Security Screen Masters of Las Vegas, these barriers can be of vital component in the home protection chain.

Lack of security makes your insurer nervous

Cost is about the only issue that keeps most people from investing in an electronic security system. If these systems were very cheap, virtually no one would pass on getting one. When it comes to price, there’s one thing that helps subsidize a home security system — home insurance discounts for being proactive. A safe, well-designed and correctly deployed security system lowers home insurance rates. It’s easy to see why. FBI studies find that one in three homes without security systems are burgled at some point. While burglars often attempt to gain entry in spite of security systems, many do walk away.

Security systems can make entire streets safer

Most well-designed security systems that include surveillance cameras record not just homes, but the street, as well. A security camera pointed at the street is more likely to deter criminals than a camera pointed at the home itself. Criminals wouldn’t want to be recorded walking past for reconnaissance purposes.

Basic mechanical security is a vital first step. It’s important to take it further, however. A well-designed security system is more than worth the cost for the peace of mind that it brings.


Celebrate Eid with special gifts for your loved ones

Dubai is a bustling metropolis located on the southern shore of the Arabian Gulf. It is one of the seven emirates that constitute the UAE, and the Emirate of Dubai itself is comprised of the twin cities of Dubai and Deira. With a population of over 1.67 million people comprising Arabs, Asians, Europeans and other people from all over the world of mainly, Dubai is a truly cosmopolitan city.


A modern city with deep historical significance, Dubai is one of the most interesting place in the world. A number of artifacts, including pottery, weapons and coinage from civilized settlements in the area dating back to the third millennium B.C. were recently discovered by archaeologist Historians also believed that small fishing communities lived along the coast of the Arabian Gulf on the site of modern Dubai as long as four thousand years ago. The natural harbor provided by the Dubai Creek was also a busy port of call on the ancient trade route between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley.

Dubai is also bustling metropolis with high raise buildings and every modern amenity paradise The diversity of architecture and cultures in Dubai is truly remarkable and travelling through the city is like a trip across time as the landscape of the city is filled with eye catching structures ranging from timeless traditional Arab houses to modern buildings, towers and other structures which include the tallest tower and biggest dancing fountain in the world. The city is also home to world class luxury hotels and restaurants, extravagant malls, flower shop and boutiques.

The cosmopolitan population of Dubai ensures that a number of festivals and celebrations are held all the year round. Thus the demand for gifts and flowers for the city is comparatively huge. But the climate of Dubai is arid with infrequent rainfall and not many flowers go so the florists there has to import flowers from other countries. Even with this handicap or limitation, the florists and gifts delivery services in the city with their dedication and effort have made Eid gift basket delivery as fast and prompt quick and almost the same as in other parts of the world. Extending their services online has also increased the number of customers and area they serve. Now, they also offer the same quality services for other cities in the UAE which allows you to send Ramadan sweets online with express delivery option.


Vape juice a trigger eliminating the tobacco from the smoking concept

incrediablebulkjuiceAs the number of people who smoke is increasing the risks and health issues are also increasing at an alarming rate. Also no one can deny a fact that the consumption of tobacco is resulting to various diseases. Knowing all this people are also getting concerned about their health and are searching for the alternatives as it is also not easy to quit smoking all of a sudden. This is when eliquid falls into the frame providing people or the cigarette addicts with an alternative to tobacco.

The era is of smart people and of smart technologies. The electronic cigarettes and the vaping can be regarded as the smart way of relaxing the urge for nicotine in the body by using various flavours like captain crunch cereal eliquid, blueberry muffin eliquid etc.

Evidences suggest that e-cigarettes and vaping are safer than the regular cigarettes. Many people have opted for vaping in spite of regular cigarettes and have also found beneficiary results. Vaping means inhaling vapors from vape juice through the vaporizer. It is somewhat like smoking but excludes several harmful effects of the latter. The vaping provides with various benefits over regular smoking:

  • No bad smells
  • No bad breath
  • No cigarette burns
  • No more messy and dirty ash trays
  • Less chances of getting cancer or other harmful lung diseases
  • Avoiding to a great extent various smoking affiliated illnesses.

Is vaping safe?

Everything we use comes with the question that whether it is safe or not. So Vaping is also not out of the reach of this question and there goes a never ending debate regarding it being safe for the humans or not. Well, not everything we consume and eat is 100% safe and pure and is not healthy in all sense isn’t it?

But still vape juice assures that it does not contain tobacco in it which is in itself is a very harmful ingredient of regular cigarette resulting in a large number of deaths and diseases worldwide. So why not to switch to something less harmful, atleast less harmful than tobacco?

The vapors do not known to have any adverse effect on heart and arteries. It is an odorless way and does not irritate people present near the person. There is no social stigmas, no ash.

The availability of cheap eliquid also provides the advantage of being cost effective in the long run.

Trying to quit cigarette?

If a person is trying to quit cigarette than vaping is a more better and a healthy experience one can opt. There might be various concerns in one’s mind regarding the use of vaping in place of regular cigarettes than a research regarding vaping and its contents and flavours would come to a rescue.

If we can’t stop something which is hazardous to our health than atleast we can switch to something which would be less harmful and would decrease the chances of getting cancer. There is no harm in switching to a healthy option in place of hazardous one.

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